Epworth Employee Fashion Show 6/09
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Fashion Show

June 10th  3pm

Suzy Hadden-is modeling the new Izzy scrubs in Red with black piping.  Suzy is a CMA in medical records and has been with Epworth Villa for 3 years.  She has been an employee of the quarter for Epworth Villa and a member of the Employee Council.  Suzy loves her job here at Epworth Villa.  She is married to Tommy.  These scrubs would run 16.99 for the top and 17.99 for the bottom for a total of approximately $35 for the set.

Valencia Kelly- is modeling the versatile Dickies brand in a bright green.  Valencia is the lead housekeeper for Epworth Villa and has been part of this team for 14 years.   Valencia is also a member of the Employee Council.  Valencia is married to Karl and they have 2 daughters, Shade and Latasha and one son Marke.  They also have two adorable grandchildren.  This Dickies outfit runs 12.99 for the top and 16.99 for the bottom for a total of  $30 for this entire outfit.

Kristen Willis-  Kristen is a LPN Charge Nurse at Epworth Villa and has been part of the team for about 1 ˝ years.  She is very instrumental in training and helping new employees.  She is modeling the Landau brand in blue.  And as you probably are aware with the way she models---she has been contacted by a modeling agent in NY.  Kristen has a significant other so she is not available.

Bettye Washington-Bettye looks lovely in these pink Dickies.  Bettye also has a lovely daughter at UCO and only has one more semester to graduate!!!:)  Bettye is an LPN Charge nurse on the 2nd floor of SWC and has been here about 1 ˝ years.  Bettye was recently awarded a Community service award by State Representative Anastia Pittman and State Senator Angela Munson.  Bettye is a devoted Christian and been a true blessing to Epworth Villa.

Kenneth Benton- Administrator of SWC. Employed at EV for 8 years….is modeling WHAT???  Oh wait!  This is a new part time on call staff (Ben).  So if you see him around make sure you introduce yourself!

Mark Green-  Director of Dining.  You may not know this, but because of his good relationship with Ed McMan and Johnny Carson he was considered for taking Jay Leno’s place on the tonight Show, but Conan O’brien won out.

Bridgette Guidos – Bridgette has been a C.N.A. here at Epworth Villa for the past 4 years.  She has acted as a mentor in SWC.  She is wearing the spectrum Blue outfit.  This outfit is a great value for around $30 dollars.  Bridgette loves modeling and has done it for us before.  She also loves working here at Epworth Villa.